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14571050 International Creative Business Basics, 3 cr

Online lessons 19.4., 26.4., 3.5.,10.5.2023 at 17–20.15

Content: The course provides a basic introduction to working as an  artist/creative professional in international business field. Course  will engage the students to get an overview to their international  possibilities by making them active participants in interactive tasks,  discussions and brainstorming.

Passing criteria: Regular participation in lessons and cases (16 h), written assignments

The course fee includes the fees of the University of Arts.

Hör till helheten:
14571000: Luovan liiketoiminnan opintokokonaisuus, 20 op, lv. 2022-23

Lärare: Uusi-Rauva Kati

Antal platser: Maximalt antal platser 18, Lediga platser.


Dag och klocktid: ons.: 17.00 - 20.15

Termin: 19.4.2023 - 10.5.2023

Kursavgift: 110,00 € (Price includes university tuition fee 20,00 €)

Price when enrolling: 110,00 €

Ects-poäng: 3.00

Anmälningstiden börjar: 5.9.2022 16.30

Anmälningstiden slutar: 18.4.2023 10.00

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