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33353020 Online Japanese course 4

Lecturer in the all online courses: Japanese Government Certified Japanese language instructor and former professor of US universities Setsuko Konishi, a Japanese native, living in Japan, has many years of experiences both in traditional teaching in very competitive and well known US universities and also in online teaching as university programs from Japan.

Required equipment for all the online courses: A computer with a camera, headset with a microphone and internet connection. This course will be provided using an online conference program Zoom, but students will not be required to create an own account.  Instructions will be sent some days before the course starts.

Dates and times: Jan. 26 - Apr. 27, 2021 Tue and Thu 18:00~19:00 (Finland time)

Duration: 36 hours

Course Profile: An intensive online Japanese language course taught in Japanese and English live from Japan. The course includes  photos, videos and articles of real time materials about Japan and its culture. Continuation from Course 3 with Genki Book II  2nd Edition. The latter half of Book II Genki will be taught including Kanji.

Textbook: Genki II, 2nd Edition, published by the Japan times (via online bookstores e.g. Amazon).

Student feedback from previous courses:

”I have been very satisfied with the courses. Konishi-sensei has taken great care of us students and the cultural bits are a good addition and make learning enjoyable. The courses do run at a fast pace, so students need to be ready to put in effort. However, Konishi-sensei has been very accommodating even with my sometimes foolish questions.

As an end result, my travels in Japan have been far more enjoyable as I am able to chat with locals and have some insight on customs and interesting things to see.“

Lärare: Konishi Setsuko

Antal platser: Maximalt antal platser 25, Lediga platser.

Undervisningsställe: Online

Dag och klocktid: tis.: 18.00 - 19.00 tors.: 18.00 - 19.00

Termin: 26.1.2021 - 27.4.2021

Kursavgift: 150,00 €

Anmälningstiden börjar: 15.10.2020 0.00

Anmälningstiden slutar: 25.1.2021 23.59

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