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17538005 Argentinian Tango 1: Basics, 1 ECTS

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Dates and times: July 25–August 10 Mon–Wed, 18:30–20:30

Content and objectives: In Argentinian tango dancing, a couple joins in an embrace to move together interpreting the music. Inside the couple there are two distinctive roles, a leader (usually – but not exclusively – a man) and a follower (usually – but not exclusively – a woman). In this course, we approach Argentinian Tango as a social dance. During each lesson we provide individual and group feedback. No previous experience in dancing is required. We recommend signing up with a couple. You can also sign up by yourself, but we do not ensure role balance. If the course is unbalanced, we may change roles during the lessons. At the end of the course, if possible, we organize a ”field trip” to a Milonga (Argentinian Tango Party).

Credits: 1 ECTS given by Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia S-Y27 (Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki). Students must attend approx. 80 % of classes.

Teachers: Dance teacher Nadia Tapia

Duration and course fee: 24 lessons, 130 € / 100 €, including the fee of University of the Arts 20 €.

Opettaja: Tapia Navarro Nadia Valentina, Dance teacher

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 15, kurssilla on tilaa.

Opetuspaikka: Annankatu 29 B, sisäpiha, 1. krs (aikuisopiston/joogakoulun sali)
Opetuskieli: Englanti

Päivä ja kello: Ma: 18.30 - 20.30 Ti: 18.30 - 20.30 Ke: 18.30 - 20.30

Aika: 25.7.2022 - 10.8.2022

Kurssimaksu: 130,00 €

Opiskelijahinta: 100,00 €

Opintopisteet: 1.00

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 31.3.2022 10.00

Ilmoittaudu viimeistään: 24.7.2022 23.59

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